About SFA

You have growth objectives, just like your clients do. Partner with us to achieve them. At SFA, you find a team of highly-experienced staff who know and understand you and your business. They, and you, are empowered to run your business your way, to be independent your way.

With SFA, you have access to an extensive and diverse selection of carefully vetted investment and insurance solutions, robust technology, and a wide range of practice management resources. You also have the support of a community of advisors who, like you, are passionate about helping their clients achieve their financial goals. At SFA, you find a culture of sharing, learning, and networking.


Our History

SFA was founded in 2003 by a group of advisors and industry leaders who fully appreciated and saw the need for a firm that would support true independence for its advisors. The founders wanted to provide a home for themselves and for others who were passionate about their clients and about their own independence. These ideals still hold true, and many of these founding members are still with SFA today, more than ten years later.

As the industry changes, SFA remains dedicated to independence. The focus is always on you and what you need from us to meet the needs of your clients.

SFA recognizes that being independent shouldn’t mean being alone. You have many opportunities for sharing of ideas and best practices, whether virtually or in person. You will see SFA as more than a firm; SFA is a community.

Empowering the Independent Financial Advisor – SFA