Affiliate Your Way

At SFA, you are empowered to run your business your way. Choose how you wish to affiliate with SFA. From fee- or commission-based advisors, to dual registrants working under the firm’s corporate Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) platform, and from fee-based RIA firms to hybrid RIA firms, you will find the widest possible array of independent financial advisor business models in the marketplace today.



Select from a number of advisory options – choose the business model that works best for you and for your clients.


Third Party Asset Management

Third Party Asset Managers (TPAMs) and Turnkey Asset Management Programs (TAMPs) can enhance scalability and capacity. The additional benefits such as asset class and manager style diversification allow you to focus your day-to-day management on other business development concerns and relationship management.

Prefer to leverage third-party asset managers to support your client investment needs? These managers offer a variety of various strategies to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs with allocations matched to client risk tolerance for your mass-affluent and high net worth clients. More than 20 well-known and respected asset managers have been vetted and are available to you.


Advisor-Managed Solutions

The experienced, entrepreneurial advisor has two options for wealth management services in which the advisor functions as advisor-as-portfolio-manager.


Strategic Choice

The Strategic Choice program is a wrap fee program sponsored by SFA with accounts custodied at Pershing LLC. This program allows experienced and properly registered advisory representatives to manage clients’ portfolios at Pershing utilizing all of the reports and features available through Pershing.

The program is available to your individual clients, high net worth individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, corporations, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, and other business entities.

Transaction-based pricing is available. More details about fees, billing and compensation can be found in the Strategic Choice Brochure on the SFA Website. See Disclosures | SFA ADV Part 2A: Appendix 1 for the Strategic Choice Program.

Other information including account size minimums and advisor experience criteria is also found in the brochure.


Strategic Blueprint

Strategic Blueprint, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), offering custodial services through TD Ameritrade Institutional. This program offers you the option to (1) maintain your registration with a broker-dealer for commission-based services by also affiliating with the Strategic Financial Alliance, Inc. or (2) conduct a fee-based advisory business with no broker-dealer affiliation.

In addition to advisor-as-portfolio-manager, Strategic Blueprint offers unified managed accounts with a universe of vetted managers, strategists, and model portfolios.

Should you need a broad menu of investments, access to alternative investments, and the flexibility to choose model portfolios, strategists, and asset managers, or design your own portfolios, Strategic Blueprint offers tools, resources, and support that you need.

Integrated technology includes Black Diamond, Salesforce, and Laserfiche. Most financial planning software will also integrate seamlessly with Strategic Blueprint. Both asset-based and transaction-based pricing are available. In addition, our pricing bundles reporting, CRM, and forms technology costs, as well as E&O and email services fees.

For more information about Strategic Blueprint, please contact



Brokerage accounts are with an introduced relationship with Pershing LLC, an affiliate of BNY Mellon and a world leader in brokerage services.

Through Pershing, you enjoy access to advanced investment capabilities, from fast, precise trade execution and settlement to accurate, timely account statements. You can expect quality service, global capabilities, rock-solid reliability, and prompt resolution of any questions or issues.

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