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Why SFA?

SFA advisors and home office team members explain why SFA is the home for independent financial advisors. As a true alliance, we nurture our community of advisors by helping them to continually improve their capabilities, learn from each other, uphold best practices, and create businesses of enduring value.

Our Advisors are also Our Owners

SFA was founded by Advisors and is Advisor-owned, which means that our Advisors are invested in seeing the firm succeed.


Hear SFA advisors speak about the importance of a truly independent firm and its impact on their ability to run their businesses on their own terms.

Our Culture

SFA has a unique culture of community. Our Advisors share with each other in order to help each other grow and thrive.

The SFA Compliance Philosophy

At SFA, Compliance is a partner, guiding advisors to fulfill their regulatory obligations in ways that will support them in growing their businesses and servicing their clients’ needs. We constantly look for ways to say “yes”.

Empowering the Independent Financial Advisor – SFA