Succession Planning

For an independent financial services business owner, succession is one of life’s most important transitions. Through SFA, our financial advisors receive support and useful assistance towards reaching the desired outcome.

We encourage our advisors to begin the process long before they deem necessary. We help coordinate and put in place the resources needed to assist them in an orderly, rewarding progression.

Our advisors also turn to SFA for help in obtaining the base financing they might need for their succession plan.

Asking the Right Questions

A carefully considered succession plan begins by asking the right questions.

  • What are my long-term goals for myself and my family?
  • Do I wish to maximize value immediately or continue in my commitments to my clients?
  • What has been the unique value proposition that kept my clients loyal throughout the years?
  • Do I wish to sell internally or find an externally based exit strategy?

Through our close advisor community, our in-house support and our well-established industry network, SFA advisors can succeed in finding the right partners for taking the next big step in the plan they have envisioned.