Product Innovation

SFA offers an extensive array of investment and insurance solutions, coupled with timely, professional service, to assist our advisors in meeting the diverse needs and financial goals of their clients. Our non-proprietary, cutting-edge products, including traditional investments, third-party asset management, and variable and alternative solutions, enable SFA advisors to provide their clients with a strong and diverse product selection.

Empowering Choice through a Carefully Vetted Platform

Providing our advisors and their clients with as many options as possible is a fundamental principle of SFA. Our firm was a pioneer in making alternative investments available for the mass affluent investor, and we were among the first in our industry to offer business development companies as an investment choice as part of a diversified portfolio.

Each product on the SFA platform, whether traditional or alternative, passes through a robust due diligence process. We carefully select asset managers who provide a wide range of investment styles and strategies.

Importantly, we respect our advisors’ independent choices for the products and services they offer their clients. Ultimately, our platform is designed to enable our advisors to offer their clients a comprehensive planning approach to help protect, preserve, accumulate, and transfer wealth throughout their entire financial lives.

Empowering the Independent Financial Advisor – SFA