SFA was founded by veteran financial advisors and experienced wealth management industry leaders. Building upon their extensive knowledge and backgrounds, we have focused on helping our financial advisors grow their wealth management businesses and optimally manage their operations.

A Commitment to Meeting Clients’ Needs

Each day, SFA is guided by one key question: What do our advisors need from us to meet the needs of their clients?  Answering this question has enabled SFA to forge innovative solutions to the most important issues confronting advisors as their clients’ life cycles and economic situations develop, while the industry grows in complexity.

Marshaling our experience in wealth management operations, and tapping into the collective wisdom of the SFA advisor community, we strive to set the pace for responding to these challenges.

Creative Solutions for an Evolving Industry

Our areas of excellence include:

  • Innovative wealth management products to help investors achieve their financial aspirations
  • Practice management tools and resources
  • Effective solutions to confront the burdens of regulatory compliance
  • Access to technologies and means of communication, such as mobile platforms and social media

Empowering the Independent Financial Advisor – SFA