SFA invites and encourages all Advisors to attend our annual National Conference, typically held in early May. The conference is a week of networking, learning, sharing, and honoring. From practice management to succession planning, and from Compliance to technology, SFA Advisors learn from industry experts the tips and skills they need to drive their businesses forward. Of course, “play time” is also incorporated into the schedule, enabling advisors and their guests to participate in activities that make the most of the always beautiful surroundings.

Our highest level producers – our Diamond qualifiers – are also treated to a trip later in the year. We believe it is very important that our advisors are honored for their efforts and their passion to help their clients.

Additional Networking Opportunities

As independent business owners, we understand that you can often feel as if you are on your own. That is why SFA facilitates frequent “sharing” opportunities throughout the year. Our Due Diligence Roundtable Calls provide a forum for advisors to share the experiences they have had attending sponsor due diligence meetings. These are peer-to-peer conversations where an advisor discusses his or her opinions of a particular sponsor, their product(s), and how they might fit into an advisory practice. The advisor fields questions from his or her peers which provides education for all.

Our Home Office staff also hosts regular OSJ conference calls and webinars in order to update all Office Leaders on SFA happenings, new regulations, new processes, and more. This is also an opportunity for Office Leaders to share with one another best practices and any challenges they may currently face.

Empowering the Independent Financial Advisor – SFA